Alumni Association


(Old Vidarbhians’ Association)

Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities was established in 1923.The magnificent structure of the Institute in gothic architectural beauty on the vast campus of 168 acres was inaugurated on July 14th, 1917 at the hands of Sir-Franklin Sly and Christened as “King Edward College”. Historically significant place, Amravati has been bestowed with natural beauty. The soil of this land has been consecrated by the work of venerated Sant Gadge Baba and Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj. On such a holy land this Institute opened the door to education for the people of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. Since then it has been a premier educational hub. The Institute has been an epitome of progress and success. The Government of Maharashtra in 2001 elevated this college with the status of an institute with present name “Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities”. Recently University Grants Commission has granted Autonomous status to the Institute.

The Institute has pride to find its alumni in every profession within the nation and abroad. It has produced the stalwarts who enjoyed the offices like governor of the state, Chief Minister of the state, Chief secretary, popular poet, Writer, Scientist, Lawyer etc.

We want GVISH ALUMNI association i.e. Old Vidarbhian ALUMNI Association to evolve into a wide umbrella under which students and teachers will present as well as former students share their experience, achievements, knowledge and expertise from different fields with each other to imagine a world where all divisions come together to interact connect professionally and grow intellectually Over time this continuous process, we believe, would not only pave the way for individuals to benefit but even the institution to flourish. You may drop a line to the Alumini. If you happen to be in the City to find a little time to check out the college and walk down the the memory lane Old Vidarbhian ALUMNI Association which is an autonomous body with the sole aim to build strong and interactive Alumni. Old Vidarbhian ALUMNI Association wants to create an opportunity for all of us to give back to our Institute in our own little way by collaborations contributions and co-operation to set new Benchmarks in learning education and development

Registered Alumni Association

  • Registered Society No : 735
  • Trust No.F-854
  • Society No. 735 (Maharashtra)

Objectives of Alumni

  • Works for the development of the students and institute
  • Arrangement of Annual ALUMNI meet
  • Sponsors prizes to merit students
  • Financial Assistance to economically backward students


  • Home science Medals to the students of UG and PG students (Homescience).
  • Adv.N.S.Agrawal Gold Medal for the students of BA and MA (Sanskrit).
  • Dipak Akarte Memorial Prize forStudent of M.Sc. (Chemistry).
  • Ku. Madhuri Chincholkar Prize for the Girls Student of M.Sc. (Chemistry).
  • Smt. Anusayabai Narayanrao Hirurkar Prize for Student of M.Sc. (Mathematics).
  • Smt. Kamalabai Vyankatesh Jahagirdar Prize for Student of M.A. (Economics).
  • Shri.B.K.Patil Prize for Student of MA (Marathi).
  • Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Prizes – Smt. Nimbunabai. Khobragade Memorial prize for UG & PG Students.
  • Pranjali Memorial prize for Student of M.Sc.I (Botany).
  • Prof.Sudhir Krishnarao Peshkar Memorial Prize for Student of MA I (English).
  • Vaijanathappa Bavage Memorial prize for Student of B.A.& M.A. (Political Science).
  • Dr.B.J.Ghiya prize for research Student in Chemistry.
  • Raghunath Gopalrao Memorial prize, M.Sc.I,II ( Chemistry)