महाराष्ट्र शासन
उच्च व तंत्र शिक्षण विभाग

शासकीय विदर्भ ज्ञान विज्ञान संस्था, अमरावती
Government Vidarbha Institute of Science & Humanities, Amravati

NAAC Re-Accredited with Grade "A" (2nd Cycle) with CGPA 3.32

Rules and Regulations of the Institutions

The Government Vidarbha institute of Science and Humanities is a government organization. The property belongs to government of Maharashtra. To damage the property is crime. To interfere in the work of director, teaching and non teaching staff is also a crime. It is mandatory for the students to follow the rules and regulations set by the institution.

  • All the admitted students should behave properly with teachers, non teaching staff and students.
  • All the admitted candidate should carry identity card and must follow the dress code.
  • Students who will misbehave and bring stigma to reputations of institution will be severely punished.
  • Students should park their vehicles in the allotted parking space. Students will be charged for the parking space.
  • Students should not wonder aimlessly in the veranda when the classes are held.
  • Students should not remain the class room after classes are over.
  • No damage should be /must be inflicted to objects and asset of the institution.
  • Don’t pluck flowers or cause any harm to the plants in the college premises.
  • Don’t write anything or paste/stick any posters on the walls on institution.
  • Don’t shoot photos of the institution without prior permission.
  • Don’t cause nuisance for others
  • Don’t shoot with your mobile cell or play music on mobile cell.
  • Smoking, eating gutka and litter waste is strictly prohibited.
  • The director is the only and final authority regarding decision of gathering program.
  • Students can not collect donation without prior permission of the director.
  • Students must seek permission to invite outside person as a guest.
  • Only educational excursions will be granted. Other picnics, if arranged on holidays and ensures that execution will not disturb teaching schedule, will be given permission.
  • A student can be debarred for the following reasons.
    • If unable to due fees, hostel fees and other fees in due time.
    • If remain absent for more than one week.
    • If a student misbehave.
    • If any breech of rule set by the institution done by the student.
  • The Director is entitled to change and modify the rules and students are supposed to follow the rules.

शासकीय विदर्भ ज्ञान विज्ञान संस्था, अमरावती
Government Vidarbha Institute of Science & Humanities,Amravati
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